The Benefits of Body Scanners for Prisons

The use of x-ray body scanners as security devices has increased significantly in recent years, due mainly to their effectiveness, their safety, and how easy they are operated.

These features make body scanning especially useful in prisons where having the ability to do security checks quickly is paramount.

As body scanner technology continues to improve, their ability to detect contraband in prison settings improves with it, making it easier for these facilities to maintain the security and safety of all prisoners, staff, and visitors.

Safety vs Detection

A prime feature of using body scanners in prisons is the degree of safety they provide.

What used to require physical pat-down, strip searches, cavity searches, and less accurate wand scans to check for weapons, drugs, and other prohibited items can now be accomplished in just a few seconds without physical contact.

By merely walking slowly through the scanner, hidden items on a person can be easily seen on the scanner screen by security personnel.

Anyone shown to have a suspicious item on them can then be taken aside for a physical pat-down in the same manner that it is done at airport security checkpoints.

Full Body Scanners Are Safe

With regard to concerns about health safety and repeated exposure to non-medical x-rays while walking through body scanners every day, today’s technologically advanced full-body scanners are considered safe.

Cumulative dosages fall well below the recommended limit documented by The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP, USA).

Many units even record cumulative doses on a per person basis using ID numbers, fingerprints, or other identification so that everyone walking through the scanner multiple times can be closely monitored.

Human Rights Issues

Human rights violations are another concern when physical searches are conducted in prisons.

Fortunately, full-body scanning using the latest technology alleviates that problem and the potential legal issues that it can bring.

By providing accurate imaging that can be used to single out only those individuals found with suspicious items for further inspection, personal privacy is respected at all times unless an actual threat exists.

In Summary

Detecting contraband in prisons continues to be a challenge today, one that requires more sophisticated methods to address.

The introduction of body scanning at prison facilities has turned that all around.

Body scanners screen for contraband in a way that is not just efficient in high-speed environments where many people must be scanned quickly but is also safe and protects personal privacy.

Body scanning is an ideal solution for prisons and other similar facilities where security is critical.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy Treatments

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Massage is one of the frequqntly discussed topics under physiotherapy and ayurvedic or holistic spa treatments.

What is massage therapy and what are the benefits of doing massage therapy?

These questions are common from people interested in doing massage therapy, so follow along here to see how massaging can naturally help people undergoing therapy to obtain health benefits.

Help With Joint Pain Issues

When you do research online, you can find massaging under physiotherapy as the most recommended treatment measure to people suffering from joint pain troubles.

Joint pain troubles can be caused due to several factors like old age-related health issues and injuries.

The accumulation of lymph and poor blood circulation in the body can act as the cause of pain and immovable joints.

This condition can be alleviated by doing proper body massaging under the guidance of an expert in massage therapy.

Choose A Good Massage Therapy Salon

Doing the right massage therapy under the guidance of experts can provide relief from body pain in many cases.

The selection of the therapy center and the massage therapist plays a great role in obtaining the best results as per the need.

For example, you can see a wide range of massage therapy salons across the world that assures you relief from body aches.

It is essential to check the experience of the salon before selecting any one of the services from the directory list.

For optimum results, make sure that the selected massage therapy salon owns the right licensed certificate from the concerned department.

Reduce Stress With Massage Therapy

High stress is one of the common troubles faced by people living in busy schedules.

High stress can happen due to many conditions; the financial crisis, excessive work time, and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the common causes that lead way to high-stress conditions in life.

You can reduce the risk of high-stress conditions by following a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Massage therapy with essential oils are found to be beneficial to treat high-stress conditions in life.

Add Essential Oils to Your Massage Therapy Treatment

Today, you can get essential oils commonly from the market at various price rates.

For effective results, feel free to select essential oils from reliable brands.

Some of the best essential oils used for doing massage therapy include chamomile oil and lavender oil, both of which are renowned for relaxing the nerve cells of the body.

Massage therapy reduces the risk of nervous disorders without inducing any adverse action in the body.

Hence the right massage therapy can not only promote your physical health but also mental health.